The Nexus 6P might be out of stock on the Google Store but Huawei has you covered. All but the 32GB Aluminum is out of stock on the Google Store. However you’ll find them over at Huawei also just recently added the 128GB model.

There are some caveats when ordering from Huawei though. For one they don’t have the Frost model, you won’t get support through Google, you can’t get Nexus Protect, and there is no free $50 Play Store credit.

A couple of advantages though are that Huawei doesn’t charge tax in most states. Also you’ll have 30 days to return it as opposed to 14 with Google, but Huawei does charge a restocking fee. There is always the possibility that Huawei will ship faster with having less orders though.

If you really can’t wait or wanna save a few bucks on tax, then go on over to Huawei and place your order. The 32GB and 64GB models show shipping in early November, while the 128GB models say late November.

Source: Get Huawei