IFixit shows us the insides of the new LG Nexus 5X, and let’s us know just how easy it is to repair. IFixit is known for tearing down devices and giving us high quality photos of the parts. As well as their scoring system of repairabilty of devices. The Nexus 5X gets a very respectable 7 out of 10 in their teardown.

It got these scores because of how easy it is to take apart. It only uses clips on the back case and 10 Philips screws on the inside. Making it pretty easy to take apart. Also because of it’s modular design replacing parts won’t be too difficult.

The battery while not readily accessible, still wouldn’t be too hard to replace. However it did get some marks against it for fusing the display to the glass. Meaning you can’t replace just one or the other, you’ll have to replace both if one breaks. Another mark against it is that the USB-C port is soldered onto the board. Most likely you’ll have to replace the whole board if the port fails.

Check out the full teardown, the video, and all the great photos over on iFixit’s website. We even get a good look at that great new camera that’s inside.

Source: Techno Buffalo