Last year November 21st, 2014 Huawei announce that Android Lollipop will be available for the Ascend Mate2 in the first half of this year 2014, this update will bring the Mate2 from the current JellyBean directly to Lollipop skipping Android Kitkat.

Well Yesterday they announce and invited Ascend Mate2 Owners to join their beta test group to test the early release of Android Lollipop update for the Mate2.

We still don’t have any details to which Android Lollipop version will the Mate2 will come but we are happy to let you guys know that we were able to enter in the small group that will be beta testing the Android Lollipop update.


According to Huawei they are still on schedule to deliver the update to the public before the end of June 2015 which is the first half of the year.


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