After seeing the Android One Running Android 5.1 Lollipop we all wonder when will the Nexus family see this update?  Well guess what someone has spotted The LG Nexus 5  device running Android version 5.1 which appeared on Geekbench.

Google seems to be testing Android 5.1 on at it’s Nexus line-up.

Nexus 5 Benchmark android 5.1



It’s pretty clear that Android 5.1 will see a wider release, possibly starting with the Nexus smartphones and tablets. What’s still a mystery is when to expect the updates to this version to start rolling out.

As Android 5.1 is already up and running on the Android One platform, it’s probably only a matter of weeks before we see it on the Nexus line. As for any other devices, how fast they get it will depend on the companies that made them and how quickly they move.

Source: GeekBench