So you bought yourself a Nexus 5 and want to do all the cool things like installing a custom ROM, Custom Recoveries, Different Kernels and of course the good ol Root. Then you realize you must do a couple of things before you can do any of the above mentioned but dont know how or afraid of damaging your device. Don’t despair! The team at Talk Android News have put together this small easy guide to help you complete those steps. So Lets get to work.

How to Unlock The Bootloader On The Nexus 5

*Things needed to complete the steps

Download and install proper USB Drivers on your computer.

Download and install Wugs Nexus Root Toolkit

Download and install ADB and Fastboot Files

Step 1:

Enable Developer Mode

Go to your Nexus’ Settings and scroll down to About Phone/Tablet.

Tap on the Build number seven times until the dialog box says you are now a developer.

Step 2:

Enable USB Debugging.

Go back to the Settings  menu and you should find a new option called Developer options. Click into the Developer options.

Make sure that the developer options are turned on and that USB debugging is checked on.

Plug your Nexus device into your computer and click “ok” on the dialog box asking you to Allow USB debugging while connected to the computer. You can also select to always allow access on that computer.

With USB debugging on, connect your device and open the downloaded program Wugs Nexus Root Toolkit.

Once program is open, click on Unlock.

Follow the directions on the screen of your device.

Device will reboot and Viola, Your done! Your device is now has the bootloader unlocked!


Your next process should be actually rooting the phone.

Click here to go to The Rooting Guide.