If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 user listen up ZeroLemon now has available the 10000 mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If you are familiar with ZeroLemo products you know what this addon mean to a you and the your Note 4. ZeroLemon is known for the famous tricell Extended batteries.

Product Description

World’s highest capacity for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 @ 10000mAh by ZeroLemon- More than 3 times the capacity of original Galaxy Note 4 Battery and 1 time more than other makers’ Galaxy Note 4 Extended Batteries

We include in this package our ZeroShock Rugged PC/TPU Dual Layer Case. Providing you with the ultimate protection while using our 10000mAh Extended Battery

NFC Built into the battery-All functions on Galaxy Note 4 such as S Beam and Google Wallet are activated

This item is not compatible with Galaxy Note 4 Edget

*Must use included case or ZeroLemon Galaxy Note 4 Rugged case with this battery.

*Due to oversize capacity, phone will show battery at 3% for slightly prolonged period, this is normal behavior.

*Actual battery life will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations and network conditions.

*Please note this battery requires removal of the back cover of the Note 4 for use.

The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Extended battery will extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 almost 3 times more that what you get with the original stock battery.


get your and let us know in the comment box bellow how it is, and how if the performance of the battery.