As part of AT&T’s It Can Wait pledge competition to achieve 16 million pledges in 2016 and end smartphone distracted driving, the company is challenging drivers to put down their phones for 21 consecutive days.  Why 21 days? Experts say it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit.

According to research, habitual distracted drivers have a false sense of security in their actions. Only 58% feel that using their smartphone behind the wheel is “very dangerous,” compared to 78% of non-habitual distracted drivers.

AT&T hopes that through the 21-Day Challenge, drivers who participate will make safe driving a lifelong practice.

Habitually stowing your phone out of sight and reach, or using a free app like DriveMode that silences alerts, can help you break the dangerous habit of smartphone distracted driving.

The 21-Day Challenge comes just weeks after AT&T’s latest It Can Wait public service announcement started airing. The powerful PSA reminds drivers we may be alone in the car, but we’re never alone on the road. The PSA resulted from research that showed people are more likely to be distracted by their smartphone when they’re alone in the car.

AT&T is hosting pledge events in more than 30 states and recruiting local organizations, schools and community leaders to participate in the It Can Wait pledge competition.

To take the pledge never to drive distracted, go to


For more on the It Can Wait pledge competition and 21-Day Challenge, see:

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