On May 13, the new LG Stylo 2, the perfect smartphone for the media-loving mom on the go, arrives at Cricket Wireless stores and online for $169.99.

Mom, what you’re going to love about on this phone . . .

  • Its 5.7″ HD Display: You can take a well-deserved break and catch a movie or two on your favorite streaming service on its large HD screen. The Stylo 2 is the perfect size for watching videos and movies, and still just right size for your hand, purse or pocket.
  • Built-in stylus with Pen Pop and Screen-off Memo: Don’t have time to fumble with the keyboard? Pull out the built in stylus pen and quickly pick from a set of easy note-taking apps. Or, in a pinch, instantly jot down your brilliant ideas without even turning on the screen. Just grab the stylus pen and begin writing! #neverloseathought
  • Great for Multitasking: For the juggler in you, the Stylo 2 Dual WindowTM splits the screen in half to help you manage two apps at once. Plus, with the rear volume and power keys, and split or one-side keyboard options, you can operate the phone with one hand, leaving the other hand free for something else – like unpacking groceries or fixing Jr.’s boo-boo.
  • Cool Sleek Design: Whether you are off to work, at the park with the kids, or dressed for date night, you’re going to look stylish with the sleek, silver Stylo 2.[ad id=”2764″]


And if you missed the opportunity to get Mom something cool, here’s your chance to make it up:  

  • Upgrade mom without breaking the bank – get her a smartphone with premium features at an affordable price of $169.99. Give yourself peace of mind with the Stylo 2’s long lasting battery and power-saving mode, knowing that mom can always stay connected.
  • Give mom peace of mind knowing that Cricket’s network has more 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, or Boost.


For a limited time, customers who switch to Cricket get a $50 bill credit (with an additional $50 bill credit for those who switch from T-Mobile) – it’s a great time to switch for customers who are thinking about leaving their carriers.