Today the Oneplus 2 64GB model has taken a permanent price drop to $349. That drops it down to the original Oneplus One’s launch price. Not only that but anyone who has purchased the phone in the past 15 days will also get a $40 refund. Which is actually really nice to offer, as they didn’t have to. Additionally with Valentine’s Day around the corner they are also offering a free StyleSwap Cover or OnePlus X Case with purchase.

While the Oneplus 2 wasn’t really the flagship killer we were hoping for, it’s still not a bad phone. It offers quite a lot for the price, just not everything *cough* NFC. Still for the price you’ll get a 5.5″ 1080P screen, Snapdragon 810, 4GB of ram, 64GB storage, 13MP camera with OIS, fingerprint scanner, USB-C, and a 3300mAh battery. That’s quite a lot of phone for the price if you ask me. So while it may not be perfect it’s still a very decent deal, for one of 2015’s top performing phones. If you like what you hear and want one for yourself. You can grab it here or from the link below, with no invite and no waiting.

Source: OnePlus

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