Cars turned into mobile hotspots…

Smart homes and appliances you can control and manage through your smartphone…

That’s just some of the technologies more than 200 students from several Miami-Dade schools learned about at AT&T High Tech Day on Feb. 25.

The highlights of the day included the demonstration of a GM connected car, and use of Samsung Virtual Reality goggles with the AT&T It Can Wait app that shows the dangers of distracted driving in an immersive 3D experience.[ad id=”2764″]

National Geographic Explorer Chris Johns was also a hit with the students! He talked about his travels around the world studying rare insects and plants and the importance of STEM education.

The Miami students also got to talk to other students from around the country using AT&T Telepresence technology.

The goal behind AT&T High Tech Day is to get students interested in careers in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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