Huawei had a big year last year releasing several phones as well as one of the best wearables. This year they are already off to a good start announcing the Mate 8, Honor 5X, GX8, Elegant and Jewel versions of the Huawei Watch, and their MediaPad M2 10 at CES. Rumors are that next up is the successor to the P8, which is naturally called the P9.

A recent leak could even point to the P9 having a home button under the display. Much like the ones on Samsung phones such as the S6. Plus some impressive benchmarks from Geekbench. Which appear to be from the P9 sporting a Kirin 950 like their Mate 8, and 4GB of ram. Other rumors have pointed to it possibly having up to 6GB of ram, dual cameras on the back, and a 5.2 QHD screen.

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Now the latest rumor has been that it will come in four variants. The P9, P9 Lite, P9 Max, and a P9 Premium version. Although the Premium name hasn’t been confirmed. While it would be no surprise to have three variants, as the P line usually comes with a Lite and Max version. A separate fourth premium version would be a new move for Huawei, and quite interesting. The unnamed premium version is said to come with a better screen and make use of the dual camera system.

While Mobile World Congress is coming very soon and it would make perfect sense to announce the P9 line up there. However the latest report says, they will have a separate launch event for it at a later date.